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Potassium is a mineral abundant in both plant and animal tissue. It promotes certain enzyme reactions in the body, and it acts with sodium to maintain normal pH levels and balance between fluids inside and outside cells.
     Potassium is a mineral that works with sodium to regulate the body's waste balance and normalize heart rhythms. Potassium also aids in clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain; preserves proper alkalinity of body fluids; stimulates the kidneys to eliminate poisonous body wastes; assists in reducing high blood pressure; and promotes healthy skin.
     A deficiency of potassium may result in poor reflexes, nervous disorders, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, and/or muscle damage.
     The lists of plants following are two kinds: quantitative and alphabetical. The quantitative list presents plants and plant products containing significant amounts of the nutrient involved, in approximate order from highest to lowest content for a given weight. Plants marked with an asterisk (*) contain significantly more of the nutrient than do the unmarked plants. Those marked with a double asterisk (**) contain considerably more than those with a single asterisk. Unless otherwise noted, all items are fresh and unprocessed. Dried fruits are often included without their fresh equivalents because the dried versions weigh considerably less and
therefore contain more nutrients than the same weight of fresh fruit.

        1.**Dulse, **kelp (edible), **blackstrap molasses, **Irish moss, *parsley, *apricots (dried), *figs (dried), *sunflower seeds, *wheat germ, *almonds (dried), *dates (dried), *raisins, *rice polish, bananas, soybeans, avocados, chard, potatoes (baked), spinach, English walnuts, chicory greens, green amaranth, dandelion greens, carrots, kohlrabi, okra, parsnips, mustard greens, celery, beet tops, wild persimmons, artichokes, Indian corn, prunes, elderberries, endive, watercress, broccoli, leaf lettuce, collards, sweet potatoes (baked), radishes, lentils, apricots (fresh), cantaloupe, tomatoes, cherries, papaya.
        2.American centaury, American sanicle, beans, bilberries, birch, blackberries, Borage, cauliflower, coltsfoot, Comfrey, eggplant, fennel, German chamomile, lance-leaf plantain, milfoil, mullein, nettle (young leaves), nuts, oats, onions, peaches, peppermint, primrose (leaves), red Eyebright, rhubarb, rye, savory, shepherd's purse, sweet flag, turnips, watermelon, wintergreen.

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