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 Ma Huang, also known as Ephedra, is a source of the Alkaloid family containing Ephedrine, which is the only known natural substance to exert a primary effect on the Thermogenic process. Used by itself, it is not effective unless extremely high amounts are consumed. Such high levels of consumption are not recommended due to the tendency of this substance to accelerate the heartrate. However, when combined in correct ratios, Ma Huang creates healthy Thermogenesis resulting in weight loss, increased energy, and sinus drainage for many people. This is how it works:

   1.Mobilizes white fat stores into the bloodstream where they are carried to the brown fat to be burned up and dissipated as heat. This is Thermogenesis!
   2.Directs the flow of blood to the muscles. This increases the oxygen and nutrient supply and results in greater energy and endurance.
   3.Directs the flow of blood away from the stomach area. This results in appetite suppression.
   4.Has a very slight stimulatory action on the central nervous system. This produces alertness, enhances mood, and reduces fatigue.
   5.Dries up the sinuses and has a bronchial dilating effect. This helps to treat hay fever, allergies and asthma.

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