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 Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), which was originally gained by isolation from fruits and plants, is produced today by an industrial process. The basis for the industrial Ascorbic Acid synthesis is D-Glucose (grape sugar), one of the most common organic compounds in nature.
     The specific field of application in medicine for this vitamin was originally the treatment of the deficiency-disease scurvy. Furthermore, the administration of Ascorbic Acid produces a mobilization for the body's self-defense system, thus facilitating the immune system to overcome pathological situations.
     In the food industry, Ascorbic Acid is mainly used as a preservative (for example, in fruit juices and meat products). High dietary Ascorbic Acid intake appears to protect against gastric cancer. This may be due to its action as a scavenger of reactive radical species formed in the gastric mucosa, resulting in a reduced level of radical-mediated DNA damage.

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